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I was always destined to be involved in building and running businesses. From a very early age I could see the benefits of being your own boss. I watched my father struggle to make ends meet working for a boss.
What I didn’t realise was that he had a plan, and he was systematically working that plan. He worked hard for his boss during the day, then studied at night to gain his professional qualifications.

At age 35 dad opened his own business. Over the next few years he used the profits from that business to get involved in many other businesses. These included Pharmacies, Hardware Store, Dry Cleaners, Property Development, even a Debt Collection Agency. Together these businesses fed, clothed and educated our large family, provided lifestyle for us all, and eventually provided a comfortable retirement income for my parents.

By age 15 I had built my first timber boat, and sold it at a profit. At the same age my brother was building guitar amplifiers and selling them at a profit. I was learning valuable lessons at an early age.

I started my Accounting Career back in the 70’s, by studying a Bachelor of Business Degree, and picking up all the necessary qualifications and registrations along the way. By age 25 I was a partner in a 6 partner CPA firm. By age 40, after a series of mergers, demergers, and retirements I owned the whole practice.

But I had created a monster. I was chained to my desk doing compliance work. Meanwhile, I had a handful of really good clients that I “connected” with and who had big plans for the future. I knew I could add great value to their businesses, if only I could break free from the shackles of my “traditional” practice.

This is where the motivation for “THE SILENT PARTNER” came from.

While your business may not be a Professional Sports Team, this analogy is still applicable: While the grandstands are full of accountants “keeping score”, you’ll find me down on the sidelines standing next to you, coaching, mentoring, implementing winning strategies, and generally making a difference.

I continue to have a real impact on my clients’ businesses. By taking the time to understand you, I am able to give you focused advice that is specific to your needs. This is not just “text book advice”. It is a series of winning strategies that I have personally implemented in many businesses over the last 20 years. I will also get involved in the implementation process, and watch you enjoy the positive results my advice has generated.

If your business needs a SILENT PARTNER in order to get to the next level of success – email me here or phone me on 0414 284489 and we’ll arrange to catch up and have a chat about it.

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